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About Us

About Us

We Create Harmony offers an alternative experience to the rapid pace of contemporary design by delivering a thoughtful curation of handpicked objects representing a harmonious balance of form and function.

Honoring the creative lineage of fine art and craft in Greece, WCH is an online platform that draws vital connections between Greek and international designers, artists, brands, and creatives. We bring together a portfolio of brands that aim to enhance your sense of inner harmony and promote sustainable well-being. By taking the time to source and select items of effortless appeal, WCH offers the design-savvy a chance to explore concepts that move beyond the same rejigged aesthetics available in mass production. Taking a considered look at the things we use, we aspire to promote the practices of a growing design community exploring new ground and taking chances.  


We Create Harmony is 
a way of looking at things through the ideals of craftsmanship, contemporary ingenuity, hapticity and community.


From the hand-made to the hand-drawn, our one-of-a-kind items reflect age-old techniques made by designers repurposing analog materials and practices.  We are interested in showcasing the intricate labor that often hides behind lasting and quality design. 

Contemporary Ingenuity

What if we could explore our most familiar surroundings differently? The best creative minds mold and shape items that reconfigure the way we experience our everyday life. WCH hand-picks brands that experiment with new visual languages, textures, and shapes, and bring more spontaneity into our routines.  


The objects we select reflect a multifaceted understanding of hapticity, which centers on engaging all of our senses and enhancing our understanding of place. We select items that evoke memories, inspire us to travel, remind us to take care of ourselves and transport us to places we long to revisit.


We strive to build a sense of community around you that is palpable. Our curated items are not only collectible, but seek to bring people together through the collective acts of crafting, listening to music, cooking, and more.   

WCH pools together young and established designers, facilitating new opportunities for growth.

The uniting principle is that each of our artisans are hand-picked, with each item carefully chosen to reflect our comprehensive curatorial approach. We are dedicated to developing programs that physically bring people together and tackle some of the causes that we care about most; sustainability, design education and community well-being.