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2 Blue Tomatoes

2 Blue Tomatoes - Daphne Valambous - Philosophy & Bio

Blue tomatoes? How totally strange but then again, how perfectly Greek. 

Blue as the sky and as Greek as a souvlaki after the beach, our designer T-shirts are summer in a gift box.

COOK your favourite Greek dish and SHARE your summer memories with friends.
BRING a little bit of Greece to the ones that stayed behind.
ENJOY the most famous of Greek dishes, TASTE the blue seas and (red) tomatoes.
FEEL the sun on your skin and REMEMBER drinking ouzo while fishing boats bobbed carelessly on the sea.

Their 100% cotton T-shirts are sourced, dyed and sewn in Greece, and a percentage of the profits returns to Greece, with love.
Designed in Greece and made in Greece, that is, but definitely made for travelling.

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