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AtoZ Greek

AtoZ Greek - Constantinos Varvitsiotis - Philosophy & Bio

Blue and White. The colors of Greece.
The colors of AtoZ Greek summer accessories.

Blue is the Aegean sea and sky. White is elegance and authenticity. Together they are the colors of fresh and fun. This is what AtoZ Greek summer accessories are all about. Simple, colorful, playful designs inspired by a lazy day at a beach. AtoZ Greek summer accessories are a reminder that life should be like an endless Greek summer.

Every accessory is handmade in Greece and uses only the finest local raw materials and best craftsmanship of traditional artisans. The cotton canvas comes from a small mill in Nafpaktos in Central Greece, the leather from Naoussa in the north part of the country and the craftsmanship from a family owned business in Athens.

Constantinos Varvitsiotis was born and raised 100 meters from the sea. His first memories are on the beach. His inspirations come from the freedom that water provides. His favorite color is blue and his imagination is white, like an empty canvas to paint on. His AtoZ Greek line of summer accessories aspires to be a Greek ambassador all over the world. He wants his products to reach anyone who shares his strong belief that life should be lived as an endless Greek summer!

Use it with love, Handle it with care. Fill it with sun.

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