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Danai Giannelli

Danai Giannelli - Philosophy & Bio

Danai Giannelli lives in Athens Greece, where she grew up & had a strong love for art and aesthetics from the early days of her life. Τhe design and creation of handmade works was the way she discovered to share her special little stories.

The two materials she mostly uses are gold and silver, alone or combined with precious & semi precious stones and colored cords, on jewellery made with the Lost Wax technique. 

Her creations express a passion for diachronic simplicity and effortless luxury, while her inspiration comes from symbols, images & shapes of nature and also past eras. The fine & delicate, but at the same time strong form of each piece and its special details, disclose the purity & truth the designer sees in things around her and the unique beauty she finds in «imperfection» and asymmetry.

She bears a special kind of love for rings, due to their power as objects, which build a dialogue both with the creator and the wearer.

The creation of each work is a personal journey and each work is a special little story.