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Daphne P

Daphne P - Philosophy & Bio

Daphne P is a jewelry designer and co-owner of Marianna Petridi jewelry shop.

Growing up in her mother’s atelier, surrounded by precious alloys and designs of several artists, it was inevitable for her to carry on the family tradition. Her studies in social sciences contributed to her personality since terms such as collaboration and communication are embedded in her work.

She launched her first collection in 2007 and continued her work with unlimited passion ever since. Daphne has an honest approach to her designs and she is personally involved with all aspects of her work. Her primary concern is to create jewels that highlight the personality of each individual.

About the BLOT Collection :
1. a spalsh of color usually made by ink or paint.

Every season the color pallete changes and new shapes take form. Blots are playful and supposed to make your day, perfectly match and refresh your pre-owned jewels (from diamonds rings to faux bands or anything else you wear) and become one with you. The secret is to never take them off ! Blots collection are made of brass, silver & handmade enamel. Summer tip: swimming with blots is FUN!