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Elena Kougianou

Elena Kougianou - Philosophy & Bio

Elenaʼs main driving force of creative stimulation are different artistic movements of the past, producing items that combine volume, theatricality and romanticism. The design and discovery of gems is the best part of the journey, while the realization and construction of each piece is a constant challenge.

Thus, by mixing a variety of materials and using multiple techniques, Elena puts together jades, amethysts or chrysoprase ornamental stones along with silk voile, feathers and metallic laces in order to create exclusive pieces, each one unraveling a story of its own.

Her main philosophy when visualizing a new collection, is firstly to make fresh, new creations that will enhance a womanʼs style and femininity and secondly, to pay homage to her roots of exceptional Greek craftsmanship and rich tradition.


Elena Kougianou was born and raised in Athens, Greece. After spending several years in London studying, Elena returned to Athens where she stayed working in the world of fashion while receiving her education in jewelry making and design. 

Elena is the person behind the brand UTOPIA, which was established in 2011. Almost two years later, the unique pieces of her jewelry line have been featured internationally in magazines such as Vogue, Wallpaper, Elle and Madame Figaro.

Elena’s true inspiration derives from the different materials she comes across during her time spent in traveling around different places and corners of the world, each time meeting new cultures while discovering new stones and materials. Elena’s unique characteristic as an artist is the way motifs and patterns of vintage laces or wallpapers are being reinvented through her pieces. 

With two basic collections coming out each year (Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer), Elena expresses her distinguishing ideas through each of her designs always with respect to handmade artistry, innovative design and fine craftsmanship.

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