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On Entropy

On Entropy - Niki & Zoe Moskofoglou - Philosophy & Bio

On Entropy is a marble atelier established in 2009 in Athens and London.

Marble, an archetypal Greek material, takes on an unconventional role in on entropy's designs; they encapsulate the contradiction of being heavy and compact and at the same time vulnerable, fragile and translucent.

Its diverse character and resilience is the core of the atelier’s founding mission: to experiment with marble and its entropy; meaning its transformation potential and inherent limitations.

The result is the craftsmanship of intricate and delicate creations, evolving the diachronic qualities of marble in an imaginative and contemporary way.

Created by sisters Niki and Zoe Moskofoglou, On Entropy is the fruit of a lifelong family affair with marble in Greece.

NM is an architect with an academic training in design. Her work demonstrates an architectural detailing and instinct of how space can surpass mere function while ZM is an environmental engineer focusing on the marriage of Cultural and Natural Heritage.

NM and ZM have been brought up in an environment where marble was correlated with the family’s work background.

It dominates their childhood memories, with quarry visits considered a favourite pastime.

They both developed gradually a strong conscious bond with the material, respecting its nature and challenging its potential.

Combining their academic and professional skills with a deep understanding of marble, NM moved towards a more personal expression of form with object and furniture design, while ZM applied her interest in landscape heritage and how it can encompass cultural aspects.