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Eva Kyr

EvaKyr - Eva Kyriakopoulou - Philosophy & Bio

Eva Kyriakopoulou was born in Athens where she lives and works.

She graduated with distinction from Deree, The American College of Greece, in the field of Visual Arts and then decided to found EvaKyr, her own jewelry brand.

EvaKyr combines the notions of art with those of fashion in order to result with jewelry collections which reach for minimalism together with high-end quality.

Eva’s focus was to create jewelry which are unique but at the same time simple and timeless.

She draws inspiration from the basic forms of art as well as everyday details of the Greek reality.

Thus, the blend of sculpture, drawing and of a deconstructed Greek identity is what makes every piece so special.

The pieces are handcrafted in Athens, Greece in order to keep quality standards always at a high level.

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