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Generation Generous

Generation Generous* - Natasha Marie Athanasiadou - Philosophy & Bio

Generation Generous* is an ethical, sustainable and generous bag line with a mission to change the environmental and social impact of the bags we carry.

Founded in 2013 by British/Greek traveler Natasha-Marie Athanasiadou after a life-changing trip to India. Her return to London was a shocking realization of how within 48 hours one can find themselves from a large garment producing unit in the outskirts of Mumbai, an orphanage caring for street children in the Indian slums to busy Oxford Street during a pre-Christmas shopping spree. Witnessing consumer power and wanting to help, she created Generation Generous*, a bag line where each product made and sold would help people in need and at the same time maintain strong ethos towards its makers, care for the environment and a unique fine style.

Simple, fun and functional by design, their limited edition bag is inspired by the traditional paper bag often provided by stores to carry purchased shopping items. Instead of paper, they used a custom-made great textured sustainable faux-leather fabric coming from 100% recycled plastic bottles (R-PET). These bottles were recovered from landfill or waste, cleaned, scraped, melted and then through spinning and texturing were transformed to recycled yarn which makes our fabric. Both the bag itself and our signature inside label come from R-PET fabrics. In this way 25 plastic 50cl bottles were saved.

The bag is durable and timeless so you can use it again and again at any occasion. For individuality, their unisex bags come in five unique and symbolic thread colours, each one representing one of the five basic life needs (Food, Clean water, Shelter, Health and Empowerment).

Generation Generous*
Ethical. Sustainable. Generous