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Ileana Makri

Ileana Makri - Philosophy & Bio

Although she is a globetrotter at heart, jewelry designer, Ileana Makri, was born in Greece and still resides there. She travels extensively for design inspiration, and shares her time between Greece, London, Paris and New York City, allowing her to embrace and celebrate different cultures and landscapes within her craft. Originally obtaining a degree in Business Administration, Ileana then went on to follow her true passion and studied jewelry design at the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica).

In addition to her travels, Ileana continues to draw inspiration from multicultural symbols and their meaning. Her jewelry features a range of mystical and figurative symbols. “Symbols have a broad, universal appeal that crosses cultures”, says the designer, who draws inspiration from various religions and other beliefs including Greek mythology. Ileana is particularly intrigued by the “evil eye”, a symbol that in Mediterranean countries serves as protection from negative forces.