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Kat Blink

Kat Blink - Katerina Kallinoglou - Philosophy & Bio

Kat Blink energy jewelry by Katerina Kallinoglou define the combination of glam essence with plentiful properties of energy gemstones. Mind & soul balance attracting love, good luck, faith as well as aura cleansing are some of their important properties. Negative energy and feelings are converted magically into positive vibes. Brass, silver, gold are the favorite materials of the jewelry designer which strengthen the benefits of each gemstone. Anna Dello Russo -editor-at-large in Vogue Japan-, Chiara Ferragni, Reese Witherspoon, Lindsay Lohan are some of the famous lovers of the energy jewelry!  Every Kat Blink creation is unique!


Since ancient times the crystals had a sacred place in the life of cultures, something that placed to the crystals multifaceted properties. Some of these properties for instance were that they had great therapeutic effect on the soul, by protecting the body from diseases and cured them miraculously and accurately. Nowadays, the crystals have helped people understand that not only the body but also the mind have to be interrelated, otherwise they cannot be accomplished as human. Many physical illnesses are caused by emotional blockages, which if treated correctly and cured the body in sequel will be cured as well. When we attain energy balance between body and soul, we experience the tranquility, serenity and connection with our inner world. The most important property of crystals is that it transforms negative energy into positive. As a charm, it offers great protection from any negative energy when it is worn.