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KYME - Philosophy & Bio

Kyme was born from an inspiration, from a creative impulse and a great passion.
As a continuous flow, it comes with the power of a wave, to disrupt the cliches and to create a new soul in the eyewear’s world.

Past and present melt together in a tasteful blend of style, research and design.
In 2013 Kyme started with the creative energy of a KYMA, a greek word meaning “wave”.

Kyme was born in Puglia, a land full of ideas and opportunities, a fertile territory that has always been projected beyond its borders: from here comes the young creative team that reinterprets, collection after collection, the brand aesthetic concept.

The creative freedom that comes directly from the designer’s pencil leads Kyme’s glasses to be shown in the most glamorous shop windows. Details make the real difference: Kyme’s frames exceed the technical limits to shock with customized treatments.

The artistic vision and the sophisticated mood of Kyme’s items are entrusted to the experience and the wise craftsmanship of Venetian artisans. The contact between North and South of the territory creates a synergy between creative forces, moulding glasses of imperfect perfection, unique and inimitable pieces in their singularity, true essence of “Made in Italy”.

The high quality of Kyme’s products is completed by the materials. The acetate cellulose by Mazzuchelli, Italian leader in the field, as well as the perfectly refined metals and the polycarbonate or nylon CR39 lenses, are the essential conditions to create an excellent product.