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MAA BOO - Iloi & Anna - Philosophy & Bio

MAA BOO is a fantasy island “discovered” in 2013 by Anna & Iloi in their quest for a summer getaway. It is a land maybe close, or maybe far away where maps and plans are useless because nothing but your heart can lead you.

MAA BOO swimwear is the result of endless memories of the Greek sun, beaches, islands and sun kissed smiles, all wrapped into one! The essence of the brand is to create unique pieces, complementing the female figure, that will follow you around all summer long and be part of your best sunny memories.

As its creators, MAA BOO swimwear is a brand that is a free Greek spirit at heart! All pieces and designs are original. Fabrics are custom made in Greece, bringing colours, shapes and memories to life.

Put differently, MAA BOO is that piece of magic that you can pack in your suitcase and escape to your fantasy world.

Iloi and Anna met at the age of 13 and ever since decided they would follow the summer where it led them. It was many parties, studies and summers later that they did what they had promised themselves to do.

Intrigued by the question, why in a land of summer there were not enough Greek swimwear brands, and with their experience from the world of communication and shipping, the duo joined forces once again and created MAA BOO, just for the fun of it!

With the “if you really want it you can do it” attitude, Anna and Iloi made their fantasy island a reality; a fun, fresh, colorful and beautiful swimwear brand, representing the free Greek spirit!

MAA BOO swimwear.

Just for the fun of it!

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