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Marmise - Mariam Morabet - Philosophy & Bio

Founded in 2013, Marmise is a brand with a multicultural vibe which is symbolic of its Moroccan founder and creative director, Mariam Morabet. Having spent most of her years abroad, raised between Cyprus and London -where she completed her BA In Marketing and Advertising at University of the Arts, an MA in Marketing Management at Westminster Business School, followed by a career in fashion- Mariam decided to rekindle with her origins and moved to her native Morocco. Instantly connected with her heritage, she felt deeply moved and inspired by the urban – historical mesh that her beautiful country has to offer.

Becoming strongly attached to the handwork of traditional Moroccan couturiers (artisans) as well as her love for classical Moroccan attire, Mariam is driven to fuse these elements with current global fashion trends offering something fresh and unique to her customers.