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Maya Zoulovits

Maya Zoulovits - Philosophy & Bio

From chunky to linear, from gold to silver and from precious stones to pearls, Maya Zoulovits creates signature jewelry pieces, attracting all age groups. A young, restless mind and a promising designer, she completed her studies in International Design and Communication Management, in the United Kingdom, before start designing for her own store.

All jewelry collections by Maya Zoulovits, designed exclusively by her, comprise idiosyncratic, minimal chic pieces that leave no doubt whatsoever about the identity of their creator. She is usually inspired by an image from the daily routine, a beautiful woman, feelings or anything else that sparks her interest, as she is constantly seeking for new ideas, discovering and learning. “During my studies, I was taught art and for me art has no borders, has not trends, only inspiration, talent, creativity, enthusiasm, humility and respect. Little luxuries to be enjoyed solely by the ones loving style,” she says.

Although she is “au courant” with current trends in art and fashion and is often impressed by the imagination and other designers and artists, Maya Zoulovits believes that jewelry design is entirely personal.

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