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Mouchmouch - Charles Mouchtaris - Philosophy & Bio

Mouchmouch designs was unofficially born in 2005 when Charles decided that as an Architecture student, since he could not find the appropriate size desk to work on he would just make it himself. Having acquired most of his craftsmanship from his grandfather Christos Mouchtaris, Charles always wanted to keep his memories as a child wondering around the factory bugging workers he chose the name mouch (+) mouch designs to always remember his roots.

The ethos of mouchmouch designs stems from a lineage of carpenters, architects and designers. Having started creating bespoke furniture through the use of familiar materials - crafted and presented in a precise fashion - the goal was to create a brand that expresses itself through creating unique items for extraordinary people.

Every item is created using the finest materials and the highest attention to detail, resulting in durable products of undisputed quality that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

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