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My Greek Taverna

My Greek Taverna - Ioanna Pavlaki & Makis Georgiades - Philosophy & Bio

"My Greek Taverna" by Ioanna Pavlaki, a sea lover, and Makis Georgiades, a renown cook, is the condensed universe of Greek gastronomy containing 100% authentic Greek dishes “served” in English. It’s a “tasty” souvenir that smells like Greece, a special gift for yourself, your friends and family to take back home.

"My Greek Taverna" is a book featuring all the dishes you will come across in an authentic Greek taverna and on any family’s Sunday table. In its pages you will find 65 recipes divided into categories, listing all the ingredients along with step-by-step instructions to help you bring a traditional Greek dish to life in your own kitchen, tasting exactly as it would in a small taverna by the Aegean Sea.

This book has been prepared with the same "ingredients" that each Greek dish contains: love, enthusiasm and respect for tradition. It aspires to evoke fond memories among all Greek food aficionados and provide a mouth-watering reason for anyone to visit or revisit Greece.

So, put on your apron, clear your work surface and muster all your passion for food, as you are about to enter a world of unique tastes and magnificent aromas, deriving straight from the Greek seas and countryside.