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PCP Clothing

PCP Clothing - Philosophy & Bio

They spread the glitter anarchy since 2012!

PCP Clothing stemmed from Pella’s family’s trade of manufacturing jackets through the company Jeremy Boy, which was founded by her grandfather in 1959. Her childhood was made up of days in the factory watching her grandfather work, inspiring her into the world of fashion. Pella quickly took on the challenge of making clothing that could appeal to every woman, for every occasion and thus, PCP Clothing was born.

Joined by her brother Petros, Operations Manager, they are a dynamic duo that will stop at nothing to bring #glitteranarchy to the world, but more importantly, do their part in making it a better place for everyone. They refuse to compromise on their integrity and quality. During this difficult time, PCP Clothing has risen from the ashes of an economic downturn and blossomed into a company which has created local and sustainable work for their country. Along with their team which is comprised of 70% women, they aim to contribute to their culture and society with pride, and of course, STYLE.