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PHEE - Philosophy & Bio

Seagrass is a part of Nature which has remained unexploited and under-appreciated. In PHEE, they are promoting it worldwide through their innovation, developed in Greece. Introducing seagrass as a new raw material, they strive to restore the natural balance, while promoting the values and principles of “green” entrepreneurship and the upcycling of natural resources.

The resource that PHEE is harnessing is the dead leaf of the vascular sea plant Posidonia Oceanica. According to scientists, this is one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. One does not need science, though, to notice that it is annually washed up in abundance on the Mediterranean shores and is disposed of as waste. However, after 2 years of Research & Development, PHEE’s team has brought those leaves back to life, being the first company worldwide to fully utilize them as a primary raw material. A pioneering natural material has been developed as such.

PHEE board is made in Greece; a highly aesthetic bio-based material that can be used to develop high value-added end products, including:
1. Every day products and accessories
2. Interior decoration
3. Furniture

PHEE’s culture is characterized by a blend of know-how, enthusiasm, experience, hard work and-above all-collaboration trying to drive change in the design world having its top priority the fusion of innovative design and science for improving the environment and human health.

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