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SAPPHO - Philosophy & Bio

Iacopo Capone-Doumas is a Greek, Italian ocean-loving surfing and sailing enthusiast. Iacopo’s love for design ignited his inspiration and curiosity to reinvent women’s flat sandals by perfecting the classic elegant Mediterranean flats to follow women across their daily life.

As a citizen of the World, Iacopo recalls a summertime in Malibu CA noticing women wearing Greek sandals that were compromised in design, quality and price. He then realised there was a gap in the market for sandal focused brands. Brands focusing exclusively on high-quality flat sandals with elegant designs and accessible pricing.

For Iacopo, this realisation became a shoemaking idea and eventually, he incorporated attributes of simplicity and elegance in his designs. This awareness was when he developed an appreciation for traditional high-quality shoe crafts in combination with timeless designs for the modern era.