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V- Destination

V- Destination - Nansy & Venia Lambropoulou - Philosophy & Bio

V- Destination is a Greek swimwear company, created in 2012 by Nansy and Venia Lambropoulou, who have been the brand designers and owners. The exclusiveness of its designs and the quality of each garment has allowed it to have good exposure in important shops and international tradeshows.

The success-factor of this company has been the extraordinary prints, always designed by Nansy and Venia and their creative partner at the time. The inspiration comes from their personal affinity towards world travel, nature and mythology. Also the combination of laser cutting with high quality, imported products and materials, have been the spear point of product development. Every metal creation is hand-made pieces based on knowledge of her family jeweler company.

The final result gives a youthful, happy brand, allowing many women to identify themselves! Enjoy them…

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