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Valerie Moser

Valerie Moser - Philosophy & Bio

Being trained in graphic design and typography, Valerie Moser has always been drawn to fashion that is bold, daring and tells its own story. Even a simple, basic outfit can be injected with character with the bag that is worn alongside and users can portray their personality using the artistic designs.

Featuring vibrant, hand-drawn images printed onto natural fabric, the range of creative clutches turn an accessory into a wearable form of art, providing a practical yet fashionable outfit addition to see users through from day, to night.

Chaotic Bliss collection 2017

A graffiti-like collection with bold paint strokes, feminine figures and daring free-hand painting. Earthy tones such as khaki, turquoise and red prevail throughout, alongside accents of black, white and neutral tones. All bags are handmade to the highest quality, featuring motifs infused by the designer’s personality.



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