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We Create Harmony

We Create Harmony - Philosophy & Bio

The ‘We Create Harmony’ brand is the physical means by which we communicate and spread our concept. The meaning of ‘We Create Harmony’ is the personal gain each person experiences by working together to produce even stronger results for both the whole and the individual.

For any idea to gain momentum it must easily be transferrable and experienced first hand. The style of the brand has been created with this in mind. The colors used in our collection work to provide individual expression while giving out a positive feeling we hope each person gains by doing something meaningful. The ‘ant’ has been used as defining symbol on our products and it represents the individual and collective strength attainable when different entities collaborate.

Leaning against the name of the platform, the brand works to promote the group of emerging talent we are presenting and to be used as a tool support causes related to unemployment. With every item sold 10% of the retail price goes to a cause and is guaranteed by us to be put to good use.