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Wéngko Molé

Wéngko Molé - Philosophy & Bio

Wéngko Molé is born through layers of colour, a universe of prints carefully placed on a flat surface, waiting to shine through the rhythm of the body. The brand name is borrowed from the villages of Manggarai (Indonesia) and describes the action of wrapping the sarong around the wearer as a means of protection, when the day fades into the evening.

Inspired by the meaning of the sarong in Eastern cultures and lifestyle, Wengko Mole aims to bring this garment’s qualities to a Western audience, through a one-size concept in silk. Accompanied by handmade belts, the orient-inspired shapes are simple and elegant and place focus on two factors: colour and comfort.

There is no experience like the touch of this light, soft silk on a summer evening while you steal the show in the unique in-house designed prints. Shape and colour work together to exude a sense of the exotic and far away, and inspire women to be individual and find a sense of freedom from routine.

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