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Event #4: Bridging the Digital Divide

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We Create Harmony has partnered up with NGO Symplefsi in order to facilitate education in the remote islands of Greece by equipping schools with much-needed resources to improve the education, social and economic opportunities for the underprivileged students of these regions.  

Symplefsi is an NGO whose mission is to provide assistance to the residents of the most remote islands of Greece, on a purely voluntary basis and structure. Symplefsi organizes activities throughout the entire calendar year in order to provide consistent aid and much-needed infrastructure to these residents. Their objective is to improve the living conditions of these citizens through conducting free medical examinations, developing the framework, infrastructures and facilities for local communities, and by upgrading educational facilities in order to provide a resourceful education to the local youth.

We Create Harmony has partnered up with Symplefsi and has donated a computer for the students of island Lipsoi. The goal is to further advance their education and learning curve, and support bridging this digital educational divide through providing the children with much needed resources.

Technology and computers are fundamental to a student's education and in keeping up with today's academic standards. Access to both a computer and internet has an overwhelming positive effect on a student's academic achievements and personal development. The underprivileged youth in these remote islands rarely have access to either, causing them to miss out on opportunities where they could benefit from technology, such as: access to information, learning valuable skills, and even developing their communication skills with others.