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SpreadTheMagic Greeting Cards

SpreadTheMagic Greeting Cards - Marietta Diamanti - Philosophy & Bio

SpreadTheMagic Greeting Cards, is a project launched in late 2013, by Marietta Diamanti - a young, talented and extremely passionate Graphic Designer and Creative thinker.

Through her uniquely designed Greeting Cards, Marietta aims to bring the romanticism of the "wish" back into our lives.

"An electronic wish is often lost in the clutter of emails, facebook or other messages we receive every day. On the other hand, a card which you can touch, see and feel, with a beautiful, handwritten, genuine wish on it, can be placed on your desk, table or bookcase and emit the positivity and power of the wish over and over again, multiplying the effect it has on your loved ones! Take the time to write your wish, it will make a world of difference to the one receiving it" she says.

Designed and Produced in Greece, these Greeting Cards are not your ordinary greeting card; mainly fluorescent Pantone colours, rice-paper envelopes and stylish designs are all brought together to offer the receiver a feeling of happiness, spreading smiles, love and, of course, the MAGIC of a beautiful wish.