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Aliki Stroumbouli

Aliki Stroumpouli - Philosophy & Bio

Aliki was born and raised in Athens. After attending studies of sculpture and photography at the Athens School of Fine Arts she moved to London for a MA in jewellery design at the Royal College of Art. She has participated in numerous exhibitions around Europe and her work is being exhibited in various shops, galleries and museums in Athens, London and Tokyo

She is an artist whose extraordinary work encompasses jewellery, sculpture, photography, and product design. Inspired by the surreal, Aliki’ s creations surprise and scandalise in a playful manner.

Her interest focuses in transforming selected, inspiring and interestingly shaped ready-mades, into portable and wearable body decoration.

Items are meant to be approached from various directions and studied from different points of view in order to play with ones perception

I love misplacing familiar, everyday items and introducing them into completely new, irrelevant spaces by changing their identity and function. They become ‘others’ when we encounter them in unexpected places.’