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Contessina Exclusive Creations

Contessina Exclusive Creations - Agatha & Clara Poulantza - Philosophy & Bio

Agatha & Clara Poulantza developed the brand “Contessina Exclusive Creations” in 2014 as a continuation of their notable family fashion business with the brand name “Contessina” established in Athens in 1958.

Agatha has completed Media Studies in Athens and has a great interest in commerce and sales whereas Clara is a multi~product designer who studied fashion marketing & design in London and worked as an intern in London & Paris before coming to Athens.

During the years and having a great interest in all creative arts Clara has completed several additional courses in Art & design, such as scenography & costume design for the theatre & cinema.

They joined forces to create a new exclusive line of handcrafted quality accessories, knit & woven clothes, produced by expert craftsmen, with the desire to sell selectively in distinguished shops & museums in Greece and around the world.

The collections consist of handcrafted multi-product accessories, such as jewellery, scarves, shawls and handbags, all of them produced locally from natural materials by traditional techniques with a refined and modern twist.