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Our logo is the ‘ant’.

The ant is used to symbolize a small hard working organism that when collaborating within an organized team produces vast strength.

Just as ants work together to achieve higher probabilities of survival we are teaming up various separate units in a unique way in order to achieve better results for all the parts of the whole.

And there is not only one type of ant.

She loves baking cakes for the community so that they can enjoy it with a cup of tea at the end of a hard days work.

Molly the Chef

He stays in his workshop all day, speaks to no one apart from the pieces of wood he converts into masterpieces. He is a loner.

Jack the Carpenter

He never stops talking and never bores of telling right from wrong, and lecturing about everything under the sun.

Ben the Teacher

She is our talented and beautiful entertainer. She comes out at sunset, and visits different ant circles to sing them a few songs. Her melodies works like magic to calm all conflict and pain.

Sheila the Guitarist

She helps us add the final touches to our WCH t-shirts and hoodies. She is a perfectionist. Her critical gaze ensures no mistake goes unnoticed. She can be scary, but overall we love her dearly.

Mary the Seamstress

He speaks in numbers. From a young age he sat alone and counted crumbs, shells, and anything he could find. It was only natural that he become the community accountant. Mind you, he always wears a tie.

Paul the Accountant

He works from sunrise to noon, naps for 2 hours and then goes to the neighborhood pub for beers with his friends. You can call him lazy but he grows the tastiest strawberries you have ever had.

George the Farmer

He has the last word on anything decided within the community. He’s been around for a while. He has no family of his own, and loves hanging out with the neighborhood children.

Henry the Judge

She is a sweetheart. She takes the best of care of all the injured ants. Her feeling of duty makes her a workaholic. She doesn’t care.

Tina the Nurse

He helps us keep our cupboards full and keeps track of all the ins and outs of our stock. Without him our community could go hungry.

Joe the Hoarder

Until we realized he was a math genius we just thought he was crazy. He lives in an abstract world- not the most useful member but a beacon of our community.

Jason the Mathematician

People don’t usually like bankers, but we love Peter. He goes to the bank in the morning but in the afternoon he sand surfs through the anthill. He is a spectacle.

Peter the Banker