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spring essentials

Have a look at our new collection featuring swimwear, beachwear and resort wear, dream of your summer holidays and get vacation ready!

Maa Boo

Unique pieces that will follow you around all summer long and become part of your most precious summer memories.

Daphne P

Blots are perfect for a unique and easy-to-wear result. Mix & match to create your own custom palette and refresh your pre-owned jewelry!

We Create Harmony

Stefania Frangista

Swimwear guided by the principle of sustainability, using eco-friendly fabrics that are sewn with superior craftsmanship to give you longevity and pleasure for years to come.


Slow beauty is not about doing everything slowly. It is about doings things thoughtfully, being present and accepting yourself entirely while embracing your imperfections.

Ileana Makri

In addition to her travels, Ileana continues to draw inspiration from multicultural symbols and their meaning. Her jewelry features a range of mystical and figurative symbols. 

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The Nude Collection is here to make all women feel comfortable in their own skin!