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All Together,
We Create Harmony
When purchasing a product
from our e-eshop, you automatically
donate up to 10% of its price
to a good cause related to unemployment

WCH collaborates with young designers as well as organizations and other start-ups. Designers are hand-picked and their pieces are carefully chosen.

Upon purchase of an item, the consumer allocates a portion of the proceeds gained by WCH to a cause related to unemployment or a start-up seeking funding, while the product's final price remains unchanged.

WCH makes a difference, while reinforcing an 'interactive' enviroment, within and beyond the platform.
We Create
Harmony (WCH)
is not just a brand
an e-shop or a fashion item,
it is a lens through which
you choose to see the world -
like a new pair of glasses.
It is a world where
people come together
to create a whole
that is far stronger than its individual parts.
it is a shift in perspective.
WCH is founded on three pillars - commerce, philanthropy and community building; targeting designers, consumers, organizations, artists and companies that share a like-minded, forward thinking approach.
WCH aims to encourage a dynamic relationship between various units and redefine the market for emerging talent.
We seek:
> To promote awareness of unemployment within the context of our daily lives.
> To demonstrate that supporting one another while pursuing our own interests are not mutually exclusive
> To suggest that by embracing a mind frame of cooperation all those that are part of the process can benefit.
Some say that when someone wins someone else must lose. We say that when people work towards a common goal they can all win. We link different pieces together with the ultimate goal of benefiting themselves and others through our online platform.