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ALA D ASTRA - Philosophy & Bio

Aladastra [Ala-d- Astra ] : translation: “pathway of stars”, composed by the words ala and astra.

The word Ala has wonderful meanings in different cultures, in architecture though it signifies the small rectangular space before entering the altar of a temple.

D’astra translates ‘of stars’ springing from the ancient Greek word for star , Aster .

Just as yoga prepares you to enter the cosmic realm, your mat is your personal altar, a small celestial corridor on which you train your body and cleanse your mind and soul to enter peacefully a higher state of being.

The artworks on the mats have a threefold purpose. The first layer is the color palette. All colors have special powers and when combined can assist in the fine tuning of emotions. The second layer is the alignments. Patterns and lines that help you create mental notes on the placement of your limbs during Asanas. Through practice you will start placing yourself without having to double check your positioning, removing therefore an extra layer of control enabling you thus to let go, and in time become fluid. The third layer is comprised by their imagery and symbols. Although in total a beautiful composition is the end result every drawing on you mat has a different purpose, either an animal whose strong traits are accentuated, either a talisman that for centuries across cultures has been used for enlightenment, good luck and transmittance of positivity.

Ps: They have a surprise for you… everything about their mat is revealed in the small manual accompanying it… so go on discover the story of your mat layer by layer!