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La Vie Jewelry

La Vie Jewelry - Venia Lambropoulou - Philosophy & Bio

La Vie Jewelry was established in 2008, and since then has developed a consistent series of impressive & unique jewel collections, always on the trend. Venia's first idea was to emphasize female beauty and to give women the perfect balance of uniqueness combined with elegance and luxury that they are seeking. La Vie infuses Greek flair with European forms, metal with semi-precious stones such as mother of pearl, quartz, amethyst and others-in surprising ways.

The jewels are entirely manufactured in Greece and the company's main focus is premium quality products from the design stage until the final product; offering silver jewelry that is equal in both style and aesthetics to gold jewelry. The brand has already gained momentum among local and international customers, as it has collaborated with famous department stores in Greece and all around the world. They have also participated in several international annual exhibitions and trend-setting events. 

La Vie Jewelry