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Skini Towels

Skini Towels - Giorgio Komianos - Philosophy & bio

So, you have decided to go on a journey, a dream trip to enjoy and have the time of your life leaving all life’s stress behind. You have packed and you are ready to go, but wait, are those towels taking half of your luggage space ? And this is actually true; towels can be really annoying when it comes to packing and travelling. First of all they are bulky and require a lot of space. Secondly, you cannot just pack one towel. You have to pack two or three of those and lastly, well, they are just a nuisance. But not anymore ! You don’t have to deal with those heavy traditional towels anymore. Instead just pack a couple of Skini microfiber travel towels and you are good to go.

Giorgio is a half Greek-half Italian civil engineer. He is a fan of practicality but has also a high sense of esthetics. During one of his journeys abroad he discovered microfiber products and realized how lightweight, durable, absorbent and soft these are. He therefore decided to share his discovery with everyone by creating Skini towels and bathrobes.

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