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Conversation, circumstance and people are the main factors that have shaped We Create Harmony into what it is today.
We started with the idea of creating a for-profit venture that could have a positive impact on society.
With knowledge of the Internet already there and a firm skillset in online marketing we were confident that the digital world was the way to go.
The cause came about after many conversations with different people and one specific moment. The decision to focus on issues related to unemployment was taken in a car, at a traffic light, after an extensive conversation with a friend. In just a few minutes we had our cause, and it made sense. With some research we realized that though a lot of european countries are suffering from high unemployment rates there weren't that many organizations focused on finding solutions; here we could be put to good use.

At first what we wanted was to create a brand that could spread the word about the things we believe in.
We began with our principles and then looked for ways to communicate them.
T-shirts seemed like the best thing to use; everyone loves t-shirts, they are easy to wear and with the right design they can be eye-catching.
Our business model and principles are about ‘working together’ so our next step was to find like-minded collaborators and build a team. We were embarking on a journey to create our own brand and so we called others at similar points in their careers to our side. The young fashion designers we called out to, responded with enthusiasm and came on board.
The name came up along the way. It took a while to find but is now an integral part of our project. Simply, it expresses the positive feeling we hope each party involved in the process, from the producer to the consumer, to experience.

We Create Harmony suggests the benefit and experience gained by each participant through the process of collaboration.